[Northkeep] Wednesday FP

Cody Chezem bolverk187 at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 10:49:59 PDT 2008

Just to let all know I will not make FP Wed. nite. I went ahead bought myself a ticket for Pagenfest at the Crush. There are some folks comin' in from OKC as well. 
  If there is any other interested it is at 68th and Lewis, doors open at 5p. Advanced tics on the web are $15 or $20 at the door. Tyr is the headline group and there are others scheduled including a local band.
  This is one of my favs by Tyr; http://youtube.com/watch?v=97lxvrKC-nI

The problem with today is; They just will not let you load the boys (and girls) up in the boat and sail down the coast to burn someone's dam village down.

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