[Northkeep] Machine Applique Artists needed desperately!!

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Sat Dec 5 14:16:52 PST 2015

Dear Northkeep, 

  I'm sorry, but I just saw this. We have been with dad at the hospital or taking care of things that needed to be done around my parents home or my own. We found out today that he only has a few months left with us.
  I offered to do this project back in August because I had plenty of time and nothing else to do and my offer was declined. At this point it will be all I can do to get Sarran and I ready for ToC and deal with my family's impending loss. I am a little fried.

Please forgive, 

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Subject: [Northkeep] Machine Applique Artists needed desperately!! 
Machine Applique Artists needed desperately!!

To make one final push to get our brand spankin' new guard tabards
finished, we need some experienced applique-ists to volunteer a couple
hours to get the towers on. Monday, December 7 at 6:30 at Martin East, in
lieu of our regular A&S format, Honorable Lady Adalia is looking for some
help to finish up the tabards! We have so many excellent fabric artisans in
Northkeep, please come! Monday, December 7th at 6:30 Martin East! Be there,
or be not as awesome as you could be if you showed up and helped out! Bring
your sewing machine!

In Service,

Ysabeau Brossier

Northkeep A&S Minister
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