[Northkeep] Step-Down of Northkeep Baron and Baroness

Northern Seneschal northern at seneschal.ansteorra.org
Wed Jan 27 13:03:28 PST 2016

Greetings all,

Their Excellencies announced that they have decided to step down as Baron
and Baroness of Northkeep. Below is the timeline for the Baronial

- January 16 (Crown Tournament) – Stepping Down Announcement

- February 15 – Letters of Intent due

- March 1 – Letters of Intent published in the “Nordic Saga”

- March 22 (Chemin Noir Populace) – Canton Polling

- March 28 (Northkeep Populace) – Baronial Polling

- March 29-April 6 – Absentee ballots available through the Kingdom
Seneschal (via email)

- April 9 – Deadline to submit absentee ballots to the Kingdom Seneschal
(NO later than 11:59 p.m.)

- April 16 (Red Plains Baronial) – Candidate Interviews with the Crown

- May 21 (Castellan) – Step Down & Investiture

*Also, there are a few ground rules for this process:*

- *First*, there should be no discussion of candidates on email lists,
forums, or social media sites. Updates to and questions about the polling
process, of course, are permitted, but discussion about candidates and
platforms, etc. are prohibited. This applies to ALL (not just the
candidates) and is to encourage a clean and friendly selection process.

- *Second*, all polling forms will be collected and verified. How people
vote will be held in the highest confidence. No candidates will see the
filled out polling forms.
- *Third*, members and non-members will be allowed to poll.
- *Fourth*, those unable to attend the polling will have the opportunity to
participate. Absentee polling is available through the Kingdom Seneschal,
but polling multiple times is prohibited.

Please send your Letters of Intent to the Crown, the Heirs, the Kingdom
Seneschal, Their Excellencies, and the Baronial Chronicler.

Feel free to contact the regional or myself if you have any questions.

In Service,
Don Brian O'hUilliam
Kingdom Seneschal

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