[Northkeep] VIRTUAL Bardic Circle with Grimbjorn Tonight!

Baroness of Northkeep baroness at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Thu Feb 16 09:07:54 PST 2023

 Our deputy Minister of A&S and Wyldewode's Skald will be hosting a monthly
virtual bardic circle, come to perform or be an audience if you prefer!
VIRTUAL Bardic Circle with Grimbjorn
Thursday, February 16 · 7:00 – 9:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/vzw-nvxs-ntx
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 502-414-7318‬ PIN: ‪126 269 918‬#

AND the repost of the rules from Grimbjorn's post on FB:

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well.
I'm gonna be posting the rules for the bardic circle here so yall can read
over them. Fear not, if you don't get a chance to look over them then I
will be posting them again in the chat in the Google meet room. The rules
are as follows.
1. The circle is round table style. A list of performers will be created at
the start of the meeting and we will go in order of that list until we
reach the last performer at which point the order will start over.
2. All performers and audience members (people just watching the
performances) will remain muted except for the person currently performing.
You may come off of mute briefly (very briefly) after a performance is over
to clap or give compliments.
3. For the sake of time, please keep all critiques, suggestions,
performances reviews, or any other topics not specifically related to the
circle to the last 10 or so minutes of the meeting. We've only got two
hours for this first one so let's try and make sure everyone gets to
perform at least once.
4. All performances are welcome, historical or otherwise. We want to expand
the bardic community, and if that means that a first time performer sings
an original song, a filk, or recites poetry not in a period style then so
be it.
5. If you wish to give a description of your piece before you perform it,
make it nice and concise.
6. Have Fun!!!! We are here to enjoy good performances, and show why
Northkeep and all of Vindheim has the best bards in the land.
I am so looking forward to seeing everyone Thursday.

À votre service,
Jehanne de Montauban
Baroness of Northkeep

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