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there is a series of books called the 'buckskinning series' I recall there are 7 or 8 in the series...while they deal with the era of the american mtn man ... the articles
in the books, are all documented, and period to us in the sca...well the ones about blackpowder rifles are not..but there are garb making, with patterns, amoung others...
period lighting, leather, etc...
they are worth every penny you spend on them.  Tandy used to be my source for them... the titles are all 'buckskinning' with a number behind it like buckskinning II,
iv./..etc...except for the first one... they are a compilation of articles featured in Muzzleloader mag...
there is another book ''tidings from the 18th century' written by beth gilgun, she was the costuming consultant for Rob Roy, is also useful.
annie macdonnald, thunder

Cherie Nolan wrote:

> Well it looks like I am getting e mail again from the list. I am not sure if you guys got the information about making a period encampment book. Will help new people
> wanting to start encampment learn how to make tent, furniture, chest, and how to set up encampments. I would like it to contain everyone's ideas and articles not just my
> own and see if we can sell it to people wanting to learn. We could have documentation for all of these for the one the items that. But camp beds, tables, chest all types of
> tents ect.. I would be glad to type the book up and list each persons name with the articles and pictures. Items like, how to paint on canvas, How to waterproof a tent, how
> to sew a tent on a basic machine, patterns for a chest, chairs, feast box, lamps, table cloths with black work. The beautiful thing about are skills is that we all can do
> some thing to enhance an encampment. We could all put in it camp fire meals. How to appliqué banners. Any thing that would enhance a camp site. If you guys would like to
> help let me know. Or give me ideas about what we can do to get things started in are kingdom. If you think that ideas about the guild lets get something moving in the
> encampments in our kingdom and over kingdoms across the known world. If some one has articles that they have email them to me and how you want your name to be listed or not
> listed at all. List Master Marguerite
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