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Thu Feb 10 12:08:20 PST 2000

"Barclay, Peter C. MAJ" wrote:

> The primary problem seemed to be "not enough thickness of fabric" for the
> grommet to really hold.  We solved the problem by stitching in a triangular
> piece of leather everywhere there was a grommet.

Yeah, leather works. You just have to remember to check its condition from time
to time, and keep it oiled and supple. Sailmakers used to use a lot of leather
to reinforce grommet areas on their sails, and I used to do a lot of sail
repairs to those sails. After a few seasons, the leather would dry out and
either crack or rot. (Repeated wet-dry conditions didn't help the matter, or
course. Nor did occasionally storing the sails wet.) Nowadays I use nylon
webbing, which doesn't look as good but is pretty much maintenance-free. If the
look of nylon bothers you, you could always cover it with a piece of canvas
before you set the grommet.


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