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Cathal SilAlmhain silalmhain at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 5 05:20:14 PDT 2001

--- Richard Culver <rbculver at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >Hi.......
> >
> >The offer of the prize for the newcomer tourney is
> GREAT.....but,
> >
> >The idea of the newcomers tourney was set up with
> no "prizes" to be given.
> >This does not mean we can not change it, but we
> need to all discuss the
> >idea.
>    I thought about it a little after I was walking
> around campus.  I suppose
> there would be no guarantee of a newcomer being
> around a year later.  I take
> my role pretty seriously, but it would unwise to
> assume other might as well.
>    Still, I have loved playing at Raven's Fort we I
> can get up there and I
> just wanted to contribute something to the special
> "magic" of Raven's Fort.

You already have--with your enthusiasm, your honor,
and your forthrightness.  It think the greatest gift
that any title holder can give to that barony, shire
or canton they represent is themselves--and it can be
the worst curse as well.

Cathal SilAlmhain
Title Bard of Graywood
Spring Artisan for the Barony of Ravensfort
"Fortune favors the bold."

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