[Ravensfort] Crown Info Needed

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Tue Apr 20 06:56:05 PDT 2004

See answers in message....

>1.  Who is Autocrat, so I can redirect some of these questions?  Many are
>complaining that they are not getting answers through email... things like
>gate fees and such...  kind of important I guess.  Did this not go in the
>Blackstar (don't have one at the moment... is probably lost in the move)?

Lady Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd is the Steward, her email is isobail at ev1.net

It was published in the Blackstar and on the lists. Page 24-25 in the April 
issue. It was also advertised on the lists.

You will be sent the info for the web page.

>3.  Who is taking feast reservations?  I am already receiving inquirys.


If folks have been sending emails requesting info, I have received none. I 
check my email several time a day. If it helps I can answer questions of 
forward them for answers.

It is regrettable if folks have not been able to find the information. 
Please direct them to Isobail, Malcolm, Kezia or myself and they will 
receive answers.

Thanks for your help and attention, sorry to hear about the blown modem and 
slow connection. I am sans-broadband over here in Austin.

See you at Crown...

In Service, Niklas

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