[Ravensfort] work day this sat

Terri Busa tbusa at misd.org
Fri Apr 23 07:15:16 PDT 2004

OK one of these days I'll learn to spell correctly--

There are Pavilion covers to be made.

I guess I need some sleep.


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  Mirabelis-- and the rest of Ravensfort

  I'm waiting until later today to make the final decision about painting this weekend (you are correct if it r---- the paint will not stick).

  Mirabelis--Even if the painting is canceled the site I can meet you at the site to discuss a spot for your tent/merchant area.

  On another note--HE Kezia please confirm your willingness to do this--Even if it does rain there is still work on the Papillion covers that needs to be done.  If people are willing to work with HE Kezia on Saturday (at Their Excellencies home) please contact me or her.

  Also we may have site/feast token/parking permit work going on at my house (after Balda is finished with his part and I get the rest of the materials)--This will involve measuring/cutting ribbon/string and attaching.  If you are interesting in helping with this part please contact me.

  As you can see there is still work that can be done even if it r---.  Please come out and help in anyway you can.

  Lady Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd
  Steward--Crown Tourney

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    Greetings!  Ok I know the weather is predicting 60% chance of rain tomorrow.what I would like to know is .

    There gonna be anyone out on site tomorrow?  I would love to come out and do some painting J  but if the weather is bad I am guessing that paint wont stick J  

    I would also like to try to find a spot for my tent/merchant area so I'm not rushing back from MO on Friday to pick a spot J  but if no one will be out there then I wont bother!  

    Is there anyone brave enough?  Lol J  I guess I'm mostly asking if Isobail will be out there shes the one that matters most J 





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