[Ravensfort] Statement of Purpose and Expectations

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Sun Mar 6 12:16:30 PST 2005

To ensure that all understand our perspective in regard to our job as Vicar and Vicaress
and the Barony, the following were read at the beginning of Populace Social. So that all
who were not there may also know it is being published here.

We have been charges with helping the Barony grow and to guide members of Our Group
 to become viable candidates for Baron and Baroness. We suggest that all persons in Our 
Barony read the section of Kingdom Law dealing with the rights and responsibilities
of the Office of Landed Baron and Baroness. These are the Kingdom guidelines, there are 
also expectations in relation to the general culture of Ansteorra, and the expectations
 of the local populace. We urge each of the members of our populace to think on what 
they expect from a Baron and Baroness and express this to Us and the group. To ensure
that we don't rely on our memories we will be keeping record of the activity of the membership.
We expect the membership to keep us apprized of their activities as well as observations
on their brethren so that the guidance that we give to the group will be appropriate and timely.

We acknowledge that everyone takes the SCA on different levels and we respect that.  It is
your choice as to what part the SCA plays in your life, but if you are not willing to
respect the Authority of the Board of Directors, the Crown, the Kingdom Officers, us as
Vicar and Vicaress, and the local officers and choose to ruin the fun of everyone else 
by not abiding by the rules, regulations, and policies...then you are not welcome. Remember
that those in positions of authority are volunteers and that by not following the
conventions of the Society you have stepped into, you are forcing them to enforce the
rules, regulations and policies.

We expect that all those entering the bounds of the SCA in our area, whether at a meeting our 
event, will respect the Authority of the Board of Directors, the Crown, the Kingdom Officers,
Us as Vicar and Vicaress, and that of the Local Officers.

We expect all those who come here are adult enough to abide by the rules, regulations,
and policies of Raven's Fort, Ansteorra, the SCA, Texas, and the Federal Government.

We expect that if you consider yourselves as part of Raven's Fort, you will work on the behalf
of Raven's Fort as is within your abilities and as time allows.

We recognize that none of us is perfect and that mistakes will be made by all parties. We expect
 that the membership is adult enough to admit their mistakes, bear the burden of them and assist
in fixing them.

We expect the membership will be adult enough that they will investigate things before they
react and be willing to resolve problems by using the Conflict Procedures as outlined in the SCA

We expect the membership to realize that what is in the best interest of the Barony may not be 
in the best interest of any one or group of individuals.

Kief and Lorraine
Vicar and Vicaress

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