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At Stargate Yule I had offered to help decorate the list field at Queen's Champion using 
the Baronial Flowers. Friday I took a half day off work and met Lady Catherine at my house
so that we could go together to the Livingston Trade Days site and help. We got on site
 around 2-ish and saw no one there. We then then excursioned to Walmart and to the center
of the great town of Livingston and found many antique and junque stores to explore. We then
went back to the site and found the Steward (HL Clara) and the Head Cook (Lady Jeanette) were
 there. They explained that things had been delayed and that the equipment for set up would
 likely not be there till after 10pm. Catherine and I hung around for a while and spent a
 pleasant time chatting then we ventured toward home.

As a duty of the station of Vicaress I felt that it was important for me to show support of the
Queen and to make a presence for the Barony. I love our current pavillion but since it would not
fit in my vechicle...I bought a white 10 X 10 pop-up. When I got to the site Lady Giovanna and
Pace helped me set up.  I displayed the new Raven's Fort banner that Lady Catherine made between 
two black sheets. They made a great backdrop. 

Her Majesty looked wonderful in a red linen coathardie trimmed with embroidered swans. His Majesty

did dress in a manner so as not to draw attention from his Queen. Morning court was moving. The
entrants and Legions of Swashbucklers were asked to draw close and take their Oath to Her Majesty.
Then is as tradition...Don Shea sang a very moving song...I don't remember the name (please
someone supply it to me) but it was all about how much of an inspiration the Queen is to our
Rapier Fighters. 

In court they explained the job of Queen's Champion.The role of Queen's Champion is to be in
Service to the Queen and Crown at all events they attend. They are to be an integral part of their
Majesties entourage. 

Lady Isobail (who I requested to remain as Head Lady in waiting to co-ordianted staff to assist me
as Vicaress and Kief as Vicar) had arrived soon after I did and joined me in the pavillion. Lady
Catherine did join us mid-morning. We had a good time visiting and accepting visitors. In an
to sit more still, I had brought my sewing. I also was aided by the numbers of people who stopped
by to visit. 

At the start of the list I realized that Raven's Fort's Cavalier was fighting in the list...so as
Vicaress I needed to give him a token. I handstitched a token from materials I had in
my workbasket and presented it to him. I also asked his lady's help in reminding me as to when he
was fighting and I stood next to her in support of him. Speaking with his lady, I found that she
had grown up in Raven's Fort. Her name is Eryn O' Comrahdie. I assured her that though I knew the 
past that I would not burden my relations with her with the past actions of her SCA family. We
had a number of good talks. 

Being new to the station of Vicaress...I was remiss in keeping good track of the fighters from our
Barony. Though HE Chrystal did sit with us to have lunch and made frequent stops to check on
me and to see if there was anything that was needed.

The lunch was wonderful. I really enjoyed the sweet meat pies, there were also savory ones, apple
pie and cock-a-leekie soup. 

HE Chrystal was out in the Second Round. HE Don Charles (Zork) went to the 7th round (the
Semi-Semi-Finals) and was taken by Don Avery (who later was presented with the Queen's Blade
of Honour). Our Cavalier, Don Brian, was taken in the Semi-Finals.) The final 3 were Master Don
Robert, Don Avery, and Don Inve. Master Don Robert (formerly of Raven's Fort and currently of 
Gate's Edge/Stargate) won.

In closing Court her Majesty was overwhelmed with emotion seveal times. She expressed how
appreciative she was of the honour displayed by the fighters. His Majesty informed the fighters
that he would be fighing Rapier at Gulf War and that he would encourage any Rapier fighters to dig
out their heavy armour...because he has been informed that there will be a target rich environment
on all fields.

It was a good day!


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