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Lisabetta lisabetta at kjsl.com
Sat Jun 30 08:32:38 PDT 2007

Some groups like Stargate two years ago when I switched to pdfing it, we
were losing $241 a year because we gifted our champions and sitting
thrones a copy and only had 18 subscribers.

what we did for those wanted on a paper copy mailed to them instead of
printing it themselves is they were to pay postage. Hope this helps

<quote who="Racheal">
> Hello
> It actually does not save money. If you have the newsletters being paid
> for
> by the populace...you can sometimes break even. I would look at how many
> subscribers I had and base my budget on that. And I would work my 5 extra
> to
> be handed out to newcomers into that budget.  Now, I am having to print
> 10-20 copies per month and the shire has to pay for it.  And all of those
> copies are given away for free.
> The one thing you need to remember when you are doing an online newsletter
> -
> not everyone has access to the internet AND/OR some people do not like
> using
> computers so they want a hard copy.  I have one lady that she does access
> the online but still wants a hard copy to keep in the car with her so she
> can reference it to make sure where/when the meetings are.
> It was decided to go online by populace vote.  Actually, I was/am against
> it. But this is my personal opinion.
> What is the opinion of the other members of Raven's Fort?  Inquiring minds
> want to know...  : )
> Racheal
> On 6/30/07, Shane Wallace <sdwsdw at suddenlink.net> wrote:
>>  Greetings,
>> Thank You, Lady Racheal,
>> I think making the newsletter online is a wonderful idea... I know for a
>> fact it saves your group a ton of money in printing cost... A lot of
>> groups
>> are placing their newsletter online in the future... Keep up the good
>> work !
>> ! !
>> In Service,
>> Lord Malcolm
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