[Sca-cooks] sugar problems

Tom Vincent Tom.Vincent at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 3 04:53:17 PDT 2006

 From the Mayo Clinic article:

"But too much fat can negatively impact your health. Eating large 
amounts of high-fat foods adds excess calories, which can lead to weight 
gain and obesity. Obesity is a risk factor for several diseases, 
including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, gallstones, sleep apnea and 

And nobody's talking about being 5 lbs overweight.


otsisto wrote:
> omega 3 fatty acids?
> http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/fat/NU00262
> http://www.liferesearchuniversal.com/fat.html
> http://www.annecollins.com/dieting/types-of-fat.htm
> It is said that it is better for a person to be 5 lbs overweight then 5
> pounds under when fighting an illness.

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