[Sca-cooks] diet, was sugar problems

Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
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Replace *all* the trans fats, and solid at room temperature fats in your
diet with
Olive Oil
Unhydrogenated coconut oil
fish oil
flax seed oil

and then fill in with whatever other UN hydrogenated oils you like.

replace any and all HF Corn Syrup in your diet with sugar, stevia, or honey

add more of the good fats, and complex carbs to make it back up to the same
calories you were eating.

If you were overweight, you will lose some of it... possibly a lot of it.

but i bet you will also find it hard to eat that many calories without them
being packed in by the corn syrup.

also in some peoples cases, olive oil and un hydrogenated fats tend to
either reduce the apetite or have no effect, wheras a lot of the processed
stuff increases your appetite.
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> Okay, I'll bite:  Just what fats, which all have 9 calories/gram, do you
think 'actually help in weight loss'?
> No one ever claimed that the body doesn't need calories, by the way.
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> Note: there are good fats which actually help in weight loss. And the body
> needs calories, just how much and what kind depends on the individual.
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