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At $0.50 a pound that's a *great* price.  It's around
what pasteurized fluid milk sells for, a price that is
federally regulated.  Raw milk is not price regulated
and requires a he** of a lot more cost to upgrade and
keep facilities as well as go through the
certification process.  This gentleman is making
hardly any profit on it - particularly as he will
probably be selling only in small quantities.  I'd
highly recommend getting the word out so he sells much
(or all!) of it every day.

Thanks for posting this, I'll keep the info for next
year's Pennsic trip.  We aren't going this year.  :(



In case anyone's interested...


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>From the discussion regarding the change in the
chocolate milk at 
Pennsic I
have done some scouting and found good news.  I have
been talking with 
Dean of :
Dean Farms-Pasture Maid Creamery,
571 Cow Path Lane, New Castle PA

and he's quite excited to have our business. He knows
of the SCA and 
been looking for new and exciting ways to sell his
product. He has just 
certified this past January to sell raw milk from his
farm.  He 
about 300 gallons a day so supply is limited but
available.  The milk 
has a
1 week shelf life and is fresh milked the morning it
will be purchased.
Here's the procedure -

  - Call him at 724-944-7894 for availability of
product for that day,
  or reserving a set amount for another day - this is
a must
  - Calls and pick up must be between 8:00am and
12:00pm.  Since he is 
  small dairy he would like to consolidate times so he
can focus on the 
  This is perfectly understandable
  - Bring your own container.  PA law does not allow
him to sell 
  of his dairy so people must have their own vessel
  - Raw whole milk (the only product) is $4.00 a

Directions - 422 West toward New Castle.  Go right at
the red light at
Go right at the second cross road intersection is 388
& Frew Mill.  
Drive a
mile and a half.  Go right into a dirt driveway.  A
half mile up the 
you will see the sign for Cowpath Lane to the dairy.
Jacob Simon
Every minor problem is a grain of sand, and each day I
inherit a 

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