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oo! cheese!!!!!

very jealous.

>In case anyone's interested...
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>>From the discussion regarding the change in the
>chocolate milk at 
>Pennsic I
>have done some scouting and found good news.  I have
>been talking with 
>Dean of :
>Dean Farms-Pasture Maid Creamery,
>571 Cow Path Lane, New Castle PA
>and he's quite excited to have our business. He knows
>of the SCA and 
>been looking for new and exciting ways to sell his
>product. He has just 
>certified this past January to sell raw milk from his
>farm.  He 
>about 300 gallons a day so supply is limited but
>available.  The milk 
>has a
>1 week shelf life and is fresh milked the morning it
>will be purchased.
>Here's the procedure -
>  - Call him at 724-944-7894 for availability of
>product for that day,
>  or reserving a set amount for another day - this is
>a must
>  - Calls and pick up must be between 8:00am and
>12:00pm.  Since he is 
>  small dairy he would like to consolidate times so he
>can focus on the 
>  This is perfectly understandable
>  - Bring your own container.  PA law does not allow
>him to sell 
>  of his dairy so people must have their own vessel
>  - Raw whole milk (the only product) is $4.00 a
>Directions - 422 West toward New Castle.  Go right at
>the red light at
>Go right at the second cross road intersection is 388
>& Frew Mill.  
>Drive a
>mile and a half.  Go right into a dirt driveway.  A
>half mile up the 
>you will see the sign for Cowpath Lane to the dairy.
>Jacob Simon
>Every minor problem is a grain of sand, and each day I
>inherit a 
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