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Stopping smoking does cause weight gain because the way that the chemicals
that are in the smoke interfere with the absorption of nutrients.  When you
stop smoking you body becomes more efficient at extracting nutrients from
the food that we eat weight gain happens. Same number of calories in more
extracted = weight gain.  The way to loose weight is to reduce the number of
calories in and increase the amount of activity. Having said that the type
of food we eat has a great effect on weight.  More simply processed foods
less fat less sugar in any form more water.  So eat more often and eat less.
Write down every thing you eat and the amount until you can determine what
your body needs to survive.  I believe the amount is 13 calories per pound
per day.  So if you figure out your weight (260 for me ) and your ideal
weight (200)  I should consume 13X260= 3380 to stay the same weight and if I
want to get to my ideal weight in need to consume 2600 calories a day so the
net loss is 760.  No more than a quarter of you calories should come from
fat and reduce salt intake.  These are just guidelines.  Do not reduce the
number of calories more than 25 percent as you body will go into starvation
mode and try to hold on to every little bit of fat it can.  Eating six to
eight times a day helps to fool the body into converting its fat stores into
something that can be used by the body.  
Dan in Auburn 

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I know that the body does tend to fight back when calorie levels drop, 
but my thought would be that the daily calorie drop was too much and 
that increased physical activity might be a better strategy.

Twelve cans would be 560 calories (70 calories per 12 oz serving) over 
48 hours, assuming your description of 'one can 6 times a day' actually 
meant 6 cans per day and not drinking the same can 6 times. ;>   And no 
weight loss?  Inconceivable.  Certainly not a healthy diet by any 
stretch, of course.

My condolences on your cancer, but it is *impossible* for stopping 
smoking to cause any weight gain -at all-.

I'm not being judgmental:  I'm overweight myself.  I'm looking to 
encourage a supportive environment of a healthier lifestyle within the SCA.


Elaine Koogler wrote:
> I'm not saying that math lies, but what I believe happens with me when I 
> try to diet is that my body sort of adjusts how it burns calories...and 
> I have had this verified, by the way, by a nutritionist.  The idea is 
> that when I cut back on calories, the old "bod" says, "Oh, she's taking 
> in fewer calories, so I'll modify how I burn those calories"  I even had 
> one doctor who was so convinced that my weight loss was due to my 
> cheating, that he required that, for 48 hours, I consume nothing but one 
> 8 oz can of V-8 juice 6 times a day.  He guaranteed that I would lose 
> several pounds.  As it turns out, I didn't lose an ounce.
> I'm sticking to the diet now to the point that my glucose levels range 
> usually from 20 - 40 below what the doctor and the diabetes specialist 
> tell me it should be.  However, though I am losing a little in the way 
> of size, I've been stuck on a weight plateau for the past two 
> weeks...haven't lost an ounce.  Sigh.  Hopefully Pennsic and all of the 
> running around there will kick start it again.
> My lord, don't be so judgmental  of those of us who are overweight.  I 
> have fought my weight all my life...stopping smoking caused a serious 
> weight gain as did chemotherapy for breast cancer.   Even if I lose all 
> of the weight I gained from both events, I still won't be a small 
> person...the smallest dress size I've been able to get into as an adult 
> was a size 11 when I was a senior in College...and I was skinny!!
> Kiri
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