[Sca-cooks] Deep frying whole eggs

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Aug 6 18:03:26 PDT 2006

Selene said:
<<< A trained professional who could get his hiney fired if they  
catch him at
this.  I am EXTREMELY dubious, but I'm the one who got hot oil burns  
on the
face from an exploding =Scotch= egg.  [Thank goodness for myopia, if  
I had
not been wearing glasses the outcome might have been grimmer.]

Any road, that being said:  Stand way back, preferably behind a wall,  
have video running. > > > > > > > > >

I'm curious, Selene. How did you get an exploding Scotch egg? Did the  
hard boiled egg inside actually pop? Or did you just get some very  
rapid cooking of the coating sausage?

To which niccolo difrancesco replied:
<<< Fear not.  I own the restaurant and have insurance for the  
building <VBG>.>>>

Yep. I caught that.

<<< I'll try to get a video camera to document my trials.  I might  
even get some
volunteers to assist me.  I have the appropriate equipment to protect  
and building from disaster (like a lid to throw down on the fryer when I
drop the basket).  We are talking about a 40# floor fryer and not those
whimpy counter-top models that take three weeks to recover  
temperature.  It
promises to be either boring or spectacular! >>>

Yes, and I'm torn between putting my money down on the boring or the  
spectacular. Please let us know how this experiment goes.

I thought you said you had opened a *pizza" shop. Why the 40# deep  
fryer? Deep-fried pizzas? That sounds worse than the deep-fried Mars  
bars and such.

<<<(I'm also trying out alfredo recipes this week, too.  Need a great  
one fit
for batch production for the shop.) >>>

Well, I guess you do a bit more than pizza. Unless you have a alfredo  
pizza in mind?

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