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Sun Aug 6 20:07:49 PDT 2006

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<<<<I thought you said you had opened a *pizza" shop. Why the 40# deep
fryer? Deep-fried pizzas? That sounds worse than the deep-fried Mars
bars and such.

<<<(I'm also trying out alfredo recipes this week, too.  Need a great
one fit
for batch production for the shop.) >>>

Well, I guess you do a bit more than pizza. Unless you have a alfredo
pizza in mind?

Stefan > > > > > >> >

Much to my chagrin, independent pizzerias very often must inclde chicken
wings on the menu to survive.  Friday nights we usually put through 70 to
110 lbs of fresh wings tossed with about 10 different sauces, including at
one time the Catalan Apple Cider Sauce from this list.

Alfredo will indeed be on the pizza with fresh leaf spinach, atichoke
hearts, shrimp (or chicken) and a light sprnkle of bacon.
Mozzerella/provalone tops it off.  Shrimp Alfredo Pizza ala Niccolo

And some boring fettucine, too.  A little gorgonzola, and it becomes a
gnocchi sauce.  Some sheeted pastred, spinach and feta, and you get spinach
lasagna ala bechamella (technically ala alfredo).

niccolo pizza difrancesco
(see? Pizza really is my middle name)

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