[Sca-cooks] menu planning for dietary restrictions

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sun Aug 13 13:48:29 PDT 2006

The pertinent paragraph of the original post:

"Here's a real-life example:  A while ago, I was helping out with a
feast.  One of the dishes I was preparing was chicken cutlets breaded
and fried, then baked with onions sauteed in wine (a decent bulk
burgundy, as I recall) & oil, then topped with shredded cheese (and not
a particularly flavorful cheese, mind you).  Now, my thought was:  Why
use a lot of oil frying the cutlets *and* frying the onions when the
wine was going to provide the major flavor source?  We could have baked
the cutlets in wine, sauteed the onions in wine, then topped the chicken
with the onions and cheese for the final baking cycle.  There were, as I
recall, no herbs or spices added to the dish.  Now, wouldn't a few
seasonings more than offset the reduced use of oil?  Even without the
extra oil -or- seasonings, the flavor combination of chicken, onion and
wine could have stood alone.  Just a few thoughts."


>> No breadcrumbs were used.  The chicken cutlets were just dredged in
>> flour and grilled, then put in baking pans with the wine-and-oil
>> sauteed
>> onions.
>> Duriel  < < < < < < <
> I made the same misunderstanding that Adamantius did.  My recollection of
> the original description was that chicken was breaded and "fried" then
> topped with onions fried in the same oil and then baked.  Does someone 
> have
> the original email on this recipe so that I can find out where I went 
> afoul?
> I may have mistaken someone else's input for what I believe(d) was your
> original.  Flour dredged and grilled would definitely be a different 
> critter
> from what I was envisioning.
> niccolo difrancesco

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