[Sca-cooks] Hidden sources of food allergens

margaret m.p.decker at att.net
Sat Aug 19 20:31:28 PDT 2006

Huette wrote
> True.  I am allergic to capsicum peppers.  Which isn't a problem at a 
> truly period
> feast, as all capsicum peppers are New World.  But in the modern world, it 
> is a huge
> problem as many of the world's cuisines dote on the stuff.  If I am in a 
> restaurant
> or dining at a friend's or relative's house, I have to question thoroughly 
> what is
> in each dish.  Last year, a cousin's daughter graduated from high school 
> and when I
> went to her celebration, there was a huge spread of food.  And what did I 
> get to eat?
> Taco chips with no salsa or dip and refried beans.  Those were the only 
> dishes that
> had no peppers in them.  And I have come to dread potlucks.  Too many 
> times the only
> dish I can eat is the dish I brought. And when I was working, I used to 
> eat the Weight
> Watcher's and Lean Cuisine entrees for my lunch, as they were low calorie 
> and very filling.
> But I had to be very very careful and read the ingredients lists.  About 
> 75% of
> any prepackaged and prepared food has some form of capsicum pepper in it, 
> especially
> bell peppers.  Sigh.  Capsicum peppers weren't on that list either.
> Huette

I share the same allergy and I fully understand. And asking about peppers is 
not enough as many waitpeople don't realize that pimentos and pepperocine 
are peppers. That can really set Bear off when they bring a supposed pepper 
free dish with lovely pimento on top.

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