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Kathleen A Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Fri Aug 25 10:33:59 PDT 2006

On Fri, 25 Aug 2006 10:26:02 -0700
  aeduin <aeduin at adelphia.net> wrote:
> At least you've got some sort of steak in the freezer. 
> All I've got 
> is pork, lamb, ground beef and chicken right now.  Hmmm, 
> smothered in onions, sounds like dinner to me.

again, my father.   used to keep the cub scouts happy with 
his special burgers. same time frame as steaks (60s, 70s) 
and i guess these are smothered too...

burgers made the old fashioned way, not prefab....  which 
in our house meant salt, pepper, paprika (of course), 
minced onion, a dab of ketchup, an egg and i THINK some 
garlic salt and a touch of woost.

lots and lots of sliced onions

lipton onion soup mix

water halfway up the burgers

put in casserole or foil pan (foil for the bbq grill 
outside), cover and let it simmer away until the burgers 
were done and the onions soft.  you never touched 
anything.  just let it cook.

again, nothing but that on kaiser rolls or hamburger buns. 
 didn't need any condiments at all.


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