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Yes, I am planning on doing a paper.  In fact, here's a series that I'm
working on (I'm not tantalizing... really :) ).  All of these have come
out of persona research, so they are rather narrow in time and/or region.

A Late Twelfth-Century English Spice Chest and Pantry
Twelfth and Thirteenth-Century Cosmetics (focuses on recreating actual
period ones for reenactment use.  There are actually some that don't
contain poisonous ingredients.  :) )
Foods for the Sick
Medieval remedies for modern use
something with twelfth-thirteenth-century recipes (I'm currently
collecting all that are extant.)
a Dante-themed (fourteenth-century Italian) feast

I've started redacting cosmetic recipes but haven't written anything yet. 
I'm about halfway done with the spice chest article and am currently
working on the feast (well, it's actually a lunch).  Those will probably
be the first two finished, but who knows?  :)

I may be asking you, my fellow list members, for help in looking things up
occasionally.  I'm blind, and scanning all of my sources and transcribing
them into Braille takes awhile.  Thanks!

Pax Christi,
Lady Cecilia de Cambrige

> Lady Cecilia de Cambrige asked:
> <<<     I found this recipe in An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the
> Thirteenth Century.  Has anyone experimented with it?  (I'm currently
> collecting medicinal foods from the 12th-14th centuries.) >>>
> Are you considering writing a paper or A&S documentation on these
> medicinal foods you are collecting? If so, I'd love to have it for
> the Florilegium.
> In the meantime, I've just added this file to the FOOD section of the
> Florilegium. It is mostly a list of individual ingredients and how
> they were used medicinally in period, but perhaps some of the
> comments or the bibliography might be of use in your research.
> Medicinal-Fds-art (14K) 10/18/06    "Medicinal Foods of the Middle
> Ages" by
>                                         Marija and Petr Kotok.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD/Medicinal-Fds-art.html
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