[Sca-cooks] Pennsic Chirurgeon fiasco

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Tue Nov 14 08:50:00 PST 2006

> While I certainly respect your right to your opinion,
> unfortunately, poor triage skills were not the issue.
> Unfortunately, until the Ombudsman's report comes out,
> I'm not at liberty to discuss certain matters, but what
> IS at issue is poor choices made by a number of people,
> most of whom were not Chirurgeons.

Let us agree to disagree, then, and more importantly, stop slinging the
discussion around Lists that are unrelated to the Chirurgeonate. We
certainly have differing views of the 'truth'.

I will add this one comment, however. I respect many Chirurgeons immensely
and have enjoyed meeting with and working with most of them. And all of
those who I respect are not crying "our honor has been besmirched!" but
rather are working quietly and competently to regain the trust of the
populace and to weed out those few individuals who have given the Guild a
poor reputation. Anyone whose reaction to the Pennsic situation was concern
for the people in need of first aid rather than the 'status' of the
Chirurgeonate have my full respect.

As you say, there's been no report - so none of us know more than what has
been announced along with our own personal experiences. As you would guess,
mine have not been stellar.


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