[Sca-cooks] The 50th annual SCA-Cooks Thanksgiving list!

Laurie Hupman rose at santiagosmagic.com
Tue Nov 21 07:21:04 PST 2006

My husband and I left California last week to spend Thanksgiving in  
Virginia with my family.  Since I'm coming off two weekends of  
back-to-back feasts, I really didn't want to plan another huge,  
complicated meal, but he's a wonderful cook in his own right, and I  
don't mind playing support staff for him.

We ordered some mead from friends back home  
(http://www.rabbitsfootmeadery.com/), some of which he'll use to brine  
the turkey before putting it in the smoker.  He's also planning to  
make a roasted corn salad and butternut squash dumplings.  The rest of  
dinner will be provided by whoever else shows up, so I'm not even sure  
what else is on the menu.  My sister keeps mentioning flan.


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