[Sca-cooks] sweet potato samosas, filling

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Tue Nov 21 13:17:56 PST 2006

I'm glad that someone finally found out from which are of the Indian
Sub-Continent (yup, remember your geography) this young man is from.  Some
of the recipes seemed to be:  He's Indian, therefore he must need Curry or
something similar.  Sort of like insisting on serving Salmon to an American
"Indian" (yes, I know it's no longer PC, but ...) even though he's an Apache
Indian to whom a salmon would be as alien as Lasagna.

Hope this kid finds some good cook books for himself or a decent ethnic take
out place sometime in the next 60-70 years if he continues to live in the US
(probably in a nice Indian ghetto like those around D.C.) with an Indian
bride picked by him for his family he will be much happier.

I've always loved the diversity of names that show background in the US,
even in my fairly white bread Oregon.  Kulongoski and Kitzhaber and Nick
Atiyeh were recent Governors; State Reps David Wu, and Pete DeFazio. Then
there are U.S. Generals Shinseki and Shalikashvili. One of my Recruiters
last name is Bulathsinghala.   Nice thing is that these people came to the
US to become Americans. Some of them even risked their lives to get here
because the U.S. had things that were worth the risk of their life to

Now I'm going out to eat at my favorite micro restaurant, the Cameo whose
owner is Korean.  That place put three kids through Stanford, same is true
(although I'm not eating there) of my favorite auto servicing place.  There
is a statue of Buddha in the office with incense burning around him.  The
owner has expanded it twice and his kids all work in the shop (great to see
a 4 year old pair of twins trying to out do each other in sweeping up the
grease removal kitty litter.  When it's their turn to graduate from High
School, they will have a choice of colleges, Industrial Prep or working in
the family business (again, two kids just graduated from Cal Tec, one from
the Toyota Institute of auto repair (he's also working on a MA in Civil
Engineering at night over the internet.

  My office tends to have pot luck's about once a month.  Sometimes the menu
seems to be from the UN.  How lucky we are to have access to the world if we
would not wall ourselves in with people just like us.

> >  >>So, I'm going to make sweet potato samosas and just leave some of the
> >filling for him to eat
> >
> Samosa dough is vegan..  flour, sometimes some rice flour, a little
> oil, salt and water
> Fry them in vegetable oil
> Ranvaig

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