[Sca-cooks] OOP: Chef Chantey

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 29 09:19:34 PST 2006

As I hope for Heaven, I don't know whether to send this to my Cooking 
lists or my Bardic lists.  So I send it to both.

You might know the sea chantey, "Sam's Gone Away", which I've marked 
OOP, "out of period" because I believe it to be 18th Century:

I wish I was the Captain aboard the Man o'War
    Sam's gone away, aboard the Man o'War
    Brave work, me boys, pretty work I say
    Sam's gone away, aboard the Man o'War

Usually only the first line is changed, mostly the job title.  I wish I 
was the first mate, cabin boy, cookie, etc. etc. piratical personnel jargon.
The tune I learned is the first cut on this album, click on the title 
and give a listen:  http://thedoxiechicks.3200bpm.com/music.htm#
Or else call me and I'll sing it for you, free of charge.  <grin>


You know how the best parodies are done with the minimum of changes?  
Here we see only a word reversal in the refrain and some different job 

I wish I was the Head Chef to Man the Board of War...

Sous-chef, scullery, etc. etc. until everyone gets bored or supper is done.


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