[Sca-cooks] warming dishes for competition

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Wed Nov 29 14:25:07 PST 2006

If that's all you can get, and it does the job of re-heating and then
heating the dish then go for it.  I guess I just love my new medieval
chaffing dish toys too much.  I'd love to see the presentations at a display
as medieval as possible.  That may not be the requirement or wish here.  The
concept is the same.  Dish, rack to hold heat a bit below dish.  You might
want to include a picture of an actual medieval chaffing dish from that site
just to show the judges that you know what you are replacing.

Absolutely no criticism or snarking intended, but from horrible experience,
watch that pot seriously.  It took me months to get the two round burn marks
off the inside of my first try with the Corning Ware and candle trick.
Never had that problem with the medieval ones combined with the medieval
pot.  Someone said that the heat and shape made the stuff circulate better
on it's own. Believe me, they don't quite follow me around with a fire
extinguisher, but I notice there is one quietly dropped near me some times

>  Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and input!
> My current plan--- I have a white ceramic Pyrex casserole dish
> that has a metal frame and a warming candle... if I can get use
> of the on-site oven... I can then re-heat it and place it over
> the candle to keep warm
> I'm also working to get a hard schedule of when my dish will be judged
> Comments..Impressions?
> -Ardenia

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