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 Opppsss... Thank you, too, Faerisa, in showing me another method than the
one I was trying to remember. It sounds pretty darn tasty and will have to
be played with too. I mean, I gots allllll this chicken here. And 6 pounds
of thick-cut bacon. (No uncut rashers to be had at our commissary). > > > >

That being the case, the Lombard Pasties from Menagier are good, along with
Icelandic Chicken

niccolo difrancesco
(precook thick sliced bacon)

serves 6-8
2# boneless chicken breast       bacon or dried, cured ham
2 eggs, beaten                   lard
Verjuice or cider vinegar        flour
fine spice powder 1              ice cold water

Use lard, Flour and water to make pastry paste.

As we do not enjoy eating whole young chicks, I use boneless chicken breast.
Since the crust is so rich, a smaller pasty is sufficient.  Cut each breast
in half and dip chicken pieces in egg wash made with eggs, a dash of
verjuice/vinegar and a little spice powder.  Place these pieces in pastry
made of lard, flour and water.  Place on each piece of chicken, a piece of
lean bacon or dried ham Smithfield would be good as it seems it would
approximate European bacon better).  Seal pastry together andBake until
golden and chicken is cooked.

1 FINE [SPICE] POWDER.  Take of white ginger and ounce and a dram, of
selected cinnamon a quarter, of cloves and grains [of paradise] eash half a
quarter of an ounce, and of lump sugar a quarter and reduce them to powder.
(p. 298)

Yield: approximately 8 Pasties

(The Goodman of Paris c.1393; trans. Eileen Power)
Primary Source
ITEM in the Lombard manner when the chickens be plucked and prepared, take
beaten eggs (to wit yolks and whites) with verjuice and spice powder and dip
your chickens therein; then set them in the pasty with strip of bacon as
above [large slices of bacon on the breast]

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