[Sca-cooks] Savory Toasted Cheese

SilverR0se@aol.com SilverR0se at aol.com
Wed Oct 18 10:23:13 PDT 2006

Thanks to all who sent me the info - you guys ROCK!

It so happened that I have all the ingredients (include a Presidente brie, a 
French brand with the smoothest, tastiest rind I've ever had) in the house so 
I made it last night.

It was fabulous! I did add a dash of mustard powder to it at the end and 
served it on toasted slices of a seeded baget and put them under the broiler. YUM!

It went surprisingly well with the Cabboges in Potage (Plyen Delit #32 with 
the addition of marrow bones) I was testing. AND I've got the leftovers for 



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