[Sca-cooks] 16th Century Polish cookbook

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Aug 1 15:30:36 PDT 2007

So how do we get in touch with this person?
I would guess that we can get it translated by someone.


Patrick Levesque wrote:
> I don¹t remember seeing this on our list yet
> Petru
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> So...
> I was out at my dad's place this past weekend, helping him clear some
> stuff out of the attic which used to be at my grandparent's place.
> One of the things I came across was a cookbook of my grandmother's.
> It's probably from around the turn of the century (I honestly didn't
> look for a publication date), but it is the text of a Polish cookbook,
> from the area of Silesia, which was written in 1553.
> While dad could wade through the Polish, and I could spend hours with
> a dictionary, I figured there might be folks out there with more
> knowledge and experience with recipe redaction who would be interested
> (me, I just want the recipe's when they're done).  The book is a
> family heirloom for me, so I want it to remain in my possession, but
> if someone were honestly willing to put the work in, I will photograph
> every page, burn it to CD and send it to you (it's too fragile to
> force the pages flat to a scanner bed).
> Isabeau

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