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Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 09:13:31 PDT 2007

I'm so sorry to have missed seeing so many of you...didn't get to any
classes, mostly because, when I checked in with the director of Lion in
Winter, I found out that the original properties mistress had developed
problems and they needed me to fill in.  Also, I was busy putting together a
vigil and Laureling...a lady I had been mentoring for her Laurel in the
Outlands, Baroness Mary Isabel of Heatherstone, was elevated on Wednesday
evening in Atlantian Court.  Not food related, but still a very lot to
do...especially with having to remake plans a couple of times due to the

Even though we had a great camp...and lots of good stuff happening (another
one-time correspondent on this list, Laird Muirghen Ruadh...now known as
Khadir [can't remember the rest of his very long name] was named Baron of
the Court)...it seemed a bit off to me as well. Part of the problem was a
serious and odd run of bad luck...the lead actor in Lion having serious
transmission problems with his car, one of the participants in my Relay for
Life dinner having to suddenly have open-heart surgery the week before War,
the head Troll becoming ill enough to have to leave site the middle weekend,
and one of my students having the trailer with all of her and her husband's
gear for Pennsic camping stolen from the supposedly "secure" storage place!
I really don't remember a War with this much mayhem going on!!

But we're back home, safe and sound.  Our ancient "momcat", Mehitabel,
passed away while we were gone, and we will sorely miss her.  On the bright
side, our housekeeper has gifted us with two absolutely adorable
kittens...Arwen and Boudiccea.  The latter shows her Maine Coon heritage in
her VERY large feet and fluffy fur.  Arwen has the same fur but is missing
the very large paws!

I hope everyone else had a good experience at War and that your travels were
pleasantly uneventful!


On 8/12/07, Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Elizabeth and I are back from Pennsic so you all have to
> behave now.
> The War wasn't much fun this year. I think it was partially
> due to the weather being lots of rain with intermittent hot.
> But everyone seemed to be just a bit off this year as well.
> We did get to meet with a lot of fellow Cooks and had the
> potluck on Monday. Actually we spent a lot of time on Monday
> in the SPCA cooking over an open fire. Roasts take far too
> long over a fire for basic spinning but Potje or Dutch Oven
> cookery is definately the way to go.
> I even talked with a couple of folk who plan on signing up
> for the Cook's list when they get back so we'll get to have
> new playmates.
> It was great to see Phlip, Stefan, Cariadoc, Elizabeth, Olwen
> and so many others and spend time talking all things cookery.
> I'm really sorry to have missed so many others and to not
> have gotten to take the really wonderful sounding classes.
> There simply isn't enough time at War! We need at least
> another week!
> I hope everyone had nice boring trips home.
> Gunthar and Elizabeth
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