[Sca-cooks] red wine substitute

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Mon Jan 1 07:46:13 PST 2007

If you'd read the original post/question, the poster referred to a lack of
availability within a certain time frame--she needed red wine that was also
kosher, and didn't have the time to hunt some down, so she was looking for
an alternative.

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> The question would be why do you need to replace the red wine?
>  Cealian
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> > >What can I substitute for the
> >>red wine? Grape juice, in this instance is too disgusting to think
> >>about.  Perhaps some veggie broth? Anybody got any better suggestions?
> >>
> >>Thank you in advance.
> >>Phillipa
> >
> > Veggie broth would work, though I'd increase the balsamic vinegar.  Or
> > a meat dish fits in with your meal, use beef broth (and use olive oil
> > instead of butter).

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