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I'm jumping in here without reading the rest. I've been pretty busy lately. 

I have eaten raw sugar cane...a long long time ago as a kid. Mind you, these
are the memories of a pre-2nd grader. I remember living in Florida and there
was a sugar cane farm near our house. For a treat, my father would stop at
this little stand and buy us chunks about the size of our hand of sugar cane
that we would suck and chew on. It was like candy. You would chew and suck
on the sugar cane to get the juice then spit out the pulp. The only think I
can think of that it might possibly be sorta like would be sunflower seeds
but sweet instead of salty...and no seeds. It was a stringy pulp and the
cane was kind of bamboo like. Again, this was a long time ago...back when
milk was still delivered to the door in bottles. Okay, late 60's/70's but we
did have milk delivered to the door in bottles. 

Going back into lurk mode...
Barony of Bryn Gwlad

~snip~ I do think I remember finding they ate 
it raw off the cane but I have never tried that have any of you? What's 
it like? Why would we want to cultivate sugar cane if we can't process it?
     Joanna many thanks  your citation on processing sugar

[~~] Suey 

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