[Sca-cooks] cookbooks for diabetics

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Sun Jun 3 06:10:56 PDT 2007

Most diabetic cookbooks have one advantage for a diabetic:  they list  the 
carb content, per serving, of the recipe.  A diabetic needs this,  especially if 
they are on a pump. (they have to program in the gms of carbs and  the pump 
calculates the insulin bolus for the meal).  I've found that  recipe magazines 
such as "Light and Tasty" do this well.  In addition, you  need to use complex 
carbs (starches, not sugars), lots of veggies, a   moderate amount of fruit 
and use monosaturated fats if possible.  What  we've tried to do is stay as 
natural as possible by not using artificial  sweeteners or packaged "diet" foods. 
 I use fruit or fruit juice to sweeten  things.  Watch out for "high grain" 
breads...they have lots of hidden  sugars in as well.  I try to buy bread that 
is whole grain with about 15 gm  of carb per slice....the amount in one 
"diabetic exchange" (old school).
  As was said, a young person with diabetes is probably type 1, and  might 
have some low sugar issues (especially with all the activity at  Pennsic).  
Small, individually wrapped hard candies work wonders.
Etain, a diabetic (type 2) for 7 years, but married to a type 1 (45 years)  
for 31 years....and this is the first time I'm allowing him at Pennsic for more 
 than 4 days..wish me luck, it's difficult.....oh..you have to leave your 
insulin  at the chiurgen if you don't have refrigeration at your  site.

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