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Suey wrote:

>Where is our Lady Brighid? 
My apologies.  I'm a little behind on my email.  I have been only 
skimming this thread, so forgive me if I repeat any points that someone 
else has made.

I consulted my facsimile edition of de Nola.  The word in recipe 91 
(marzipans for invalids) that I translated as "wafer" is "oblea".

I then dug out my micro-printed edition of Covarrubias 1609 "Tesoro De 
La Lengua Castellena" (whose print seems to have shrunk further in the 
years since I purchased it).  He defines "oblea" as a leaf of very thin 
dough.  Oblea which are half twisted (medio torcidas) as called 
"barquillos".  Those made "en cañutos" (in tubes? in the form of tubes") 
so that they are very folded (muy plegadas) are called "supplicaciones".

Alys Katharine, it may comfort you to know that Covarrubias says that 
"ostia" or "ostion" are corrupted forms of "ostra" used by some people.


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