[Sca-cooks] Obleys, wafers etc

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 10:47:51 PDT 2007

I wrote:
>> Crutse rolles are in Harleian MS 279 on p. 46, No 61 and Frutours  
>> is in
>> Harleian MS 3016 on p. 73 with no number.

Adamantius replied:

> Yes, I realize that, but my point was that I could not find a recipe  
> for oubleys in the Austin edition of those manuscripts. Just  
> references and the one recipe for wafers.
    Yes, I see but I think Austin that by only citing Cruste Rolle and 
Frutours in the Glossary and Index on page 138 under Obleies means that 
there is no recipe under the word obleys in these manuscripts. It seems 
that for lack of recipes we are not finding evidence that can 
substantiate Colin Clair statement that obleys are a kind of wafer or 
Hieatt who says they are wafers. At another point she states that in Le 
Menagier there are five ways to make wafers. Is she talking about 
gaufrettes (wafers), oublies or tarts?  (I do not have direct access to 
French documentation.) Then James Matterer in his entry for wafres 
concerning Canterbury Tales comments that wafers had several popular 
names including: cialdone, nevole, nelles, neules, lozanges, oublies, 
hosties, waifurs, wafron and wastel.
    I find the same in Spanish as obleas seem to have various popular 
names and offspring such as the teja or almond cookie as indicated in 
previous SCA food messages on this subject. It would seem to me that 
England the family name obleys was replaced with the Dutch name wafel, 
coming from Middle Low German with the Norman invasions while in France 
and Spain it remained obleys.       

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