[Sca-cooks] Camp Ovens

Sandragood at aol.com Sandragood at aol.com
Wed Jun 20 17:34:48 PDT 2007

Thanks guys,
I'm in Memphis for the one that asked.
I've received more details on the "camp oven" and it appears it is actually  
a propane smoker that will heat up to 500 degrees.  It has 5 racks  with 5" of 
space between each.  I am going to be able to pre-cook  everything off-site 
thanks to my mother-in-law allowing me to use the live  kitchen in their 
appliance store.  So, if I talk my hubby into buying me a  smoker like the one above 
for my birthday next month, I'll have at least 10  racks to use to reheat.  I 
also have electric roasters that will suffice to  reheat.
As for the pie shell recipe, I already have that.  LOL,  I'm  actually 
creating that as my first entrement of the feast.  Haven't quite  decided on what to 
put in it.  If I went the live bird route, I would make  some kind of net 
under the pie top, so the birds don't actually fly away, I was  kind of thinking 
a lattice pie top under a solid pie lid.  Messy birds  inside a hall, not a 
good thing.  As for that crust for the pies, I  could do that, but I was really 
wanting something a little more edible.  My  husband thought of using 
springform pans.  I could prebake and then  transport in the pan.  The design of the 
pan would allow easy  unmolding.  What are your thoughts on that idea?
thanks guys for coming to the aid of a passionate but fretful cook.

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