[Sca-cooks] tomato soup

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Mon Mar 26 06:34:30 PDT 2007

No teasing intended--just an off-the-cuff remark, liberally seasoned with
post-feast muzziness (I cooked on Saturday, and I was sick when I was doing
it, so I was dragging just a *wee* bit on Sunday).
I'll see if I can locate it--haven't used it in years, so it'll be real
obvious, or un-findable.  My version, IIRC, is made without eggs, and comes
out as a sort of not-bad spice cake, made even better with a basic
cream-cheese frosting.  Does that sound like yours, as well?
--Maire, thinking that it might work for Lent (surely, cream cheese could
be, uhm, a substitute for something else....<g>)
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> At 09:02 AM 3/25/2007, you wrote:
> >Dunno...the recipes I've got are all quite modern (late 20th century),
> >although, *somewhere* I've got my grandma's recipe for Tomato Soup Cake,
> >which dates back to the 30s.
> Spoon tease!
> Can you post the recipe? I lost mine in a move years ago...
> >--Maire, who loves her some tomato soup, but not in an SCA
> >context....mmmm....I wonder how it would be, made with almond milk.....
> Eh, maybe. I'm finding rice milk to be good for everything but my
> tea. Might be good with tomato soup. I know rice is good _in_ tomato
> 'Lainie
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