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While I  haven't read it; Charsley, Simon R., Wedding Cakes and Cultural 
History,  London; Routledge, 1992, is considered an exellent reference on the 

So off I go to find it.  :-))
This upcoming weekend we were planning on going to Quest for Camelot   in 
Rapid City.  Their theme this year is romance, and because I have been  all ate 
up with bread lately, I thought it would be a fun venue. I have spent  the 
better part of this week rummaging through the museum pages getting ideas  from 
the pictures.  Some are really ornate, while others are hardly  decorated at 
all. So tomorrow after work I get to start the sponge, and visit  more websites.  
Thanks everyone.  I will let you know how it comes  out.
If it is not  any fun, stop doing it. Find something that is fun, and start 
doing it. Life is  too short not to have fun.

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