[Sca-cooks] Siege Cooking Competition at Lilies War

Gretchen Allen Johns wombat_girl at hotmail.com
Mon May 14 08:14:38 PDT 2007

Are you a cook and coming to Lilies War?  Think about participating in the
siege cooking competition!  The competition will occur Sunday (June 10th)
from around 8:30am to Noon.  


Siege Cooking
Sponsored by HL Gwen A'Brooke

The Scenario: You have been besieged for two months in your manor. Supplies
are getting very low and summer is fading into the colder months. Your
fearless leader has decided to invite the opposition leader and three of his
companions to parley. You must stretch your cooking skills to the limit to
give the impression you have lots of food left and can hold out for as long
as necessary.  Everyone gets a box containing the same basic ingredients and

Then, each team may add (at their option/discretion) to their box:
. A maximum of two fresh herbs/spices (unlimited)
. A maximum of three dried herbs/spices (limited to
1/4 ounce each)
. One fresh fruit -OR- one vegetable - limit 1 pound

Each team will need to provide their own methods of cooking.  Team may
(conditions permitting) dig their own fire pits; and would need to provide
their own grates, pot hooks, etc. In the event ground fires are not allowed,
teams will need to bring camp stoves to the central Arts and Sciences area.
All teams MUST cook in the Arts and Sciences area. The competition will be
held in the rain, provided that it is not a windy thunderstorm. Teams need
to provide their own rain/shade flies and additional tables.


Teams will have two and a half hours of cooking time, and will start on a
staggered schedule.  At the end of two and a half hours, the final dishes
will be presented to the judges.  The ingredient list will be distributed as
of June 6th to all registered teams. The competition will start at 8:30 am
on Sunday with the handing out of the ingredients under the Grand Pavilion,
and then each team will start at their assigned time.  (Fire pits may be
started earlier than 8:30)

Teams must have a minimum of 3 people. There is no maximum.

Teams must create a minimum of one dish. There is no limit on how many
dishes may be created.
Criteria -100 points (possible 110 with bonus points)
. 20 points if Teams can point to a medieval recipe as their source for each
dish (10 bonus points for limiting it to a single time period and country)
. 10 points for medieval presentation
. 50 points for flavor/texture/appearance/aroma
. 10 points for using period cooking methods/equipment (period cooking
techniques not required to compete, but will gain you more points)

. 10 points for judges' discretion

Registration fee is $20 with name of team and team leader. Pre-registration
is required. Pre-register between May 15th and June 5th by sending an e-mail
to wombat_girl at hotmail.com.  All emails will be responded to with the
address to send the $20 fee.  


Questions?  Please email Gwen A'Brooke for more details! (wombat_girl at



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