[Sca-cooks] Susans was: Re: Packing from the Nimatnama

Margaret Rendell m_rendell at optusnet.com.au
Thu May 17 17:32:50 PDT 2007

Susan Fox wrote:
> I don't know many Susans other than the strong headed type, in fact nor 
> fiction.  Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5; 

the character of Susan Ivanova was not unimplicated in our decision to 
call our daughter (now 5 years old) Susan...

We liked it as it was a "normal" name, but not a common one! There are 
two Susans in her school, out of 600 kids. This is because nobody calls 
girls Susan any more, because the women having kids now all had five 
Susans in their class. So instead they look for something more 
interesting - and there are ten Victorias, twelve Alicias...

Margaret, Susan's mum.

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