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Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Thu Nov 22 10:53:38 PST 2007

At 10:25 AM 11/22/2007, you wrote:

> > Hmm... the cranberry jelly should be really interesting on 
> asparagus. > But how do you saute crescent rolls? ;-)> > 'La- er... Phlip.
>You know, it doesn't sound that bad. Asparagus with the garlic and
>then a very light pop of the cranberry sauce tossed with croissant
>I'd eat it.

To bad you aren't at our house! We'd keep you busy! (If nothing else, 
we could send you and James out to the backyard with the boffers...)

I'm just moderately bummed because it's my birthday, none of my kids 
are here this year, and I get to spend the birthday in the kitchen. *sigh*

We have the turkey in the oven, the potatoes and the barley were done 
last night. I'm going to take a nap (could not sleep last night) and 
then make the pies and the cranberry sauce.

#1 kid (who is in New York now) is doing an 'Orphan's Thanksgiving' 
(I think they're doing it tomorrow) and cooking the whole shebang by 
herself for the first time. I had to send her basic instructions for 
it all, but I think she'll be ok. The biggest thing I think will be 
keeping the Iso and the Momo kitties out from underfoot!

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our abilities."  -Albus Dumbledore

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