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Phlip mentioned a "pirate" feast that didn't involve the Vikings:
<<< One of the things we'll have, is an entire deer is being  
earmarked for
the feast- Avraham and I will have to go butcher it once it gets shot-
no big deal. But, having that as an option, it occured to me that
since I'll be able to custom butcher it, why not make a presentation
piece for later in the day, a Baron or Saddle of venison? >>>

Years ago my barony was told we would have venison for the upcoming  
event. They were talking steaks and such. Unfortunately, the hunters  
weren't quite as good as they thought they were and we got venison  
stew because they had to stretch things further. I'd say keep a  
venison stew or some such n mind as a backup. :-)

<<< One thought I've had is to make some
real hard tack, and since it's pretty hard to eat, use it for
decorations, but edible decorations in case anyone doesn't mind losing
a few teeth. Ideas along that line would be appreciated ;-) >>>

Serve it with a soup or broth in which the hardtack can be soaked to  
soften it.

My father-in-law apparently used to make some hardtack that people  
liked. Not documentably period, but it didn't sound lie this  
necessary was supposed to be. Let me know you'd like and I'll see  
about getting the recipe.

Or how about using period travel foods, other than hardtack?
biscotti-msg      (16K)  9/ 3/06    Period biscotti, a twice-baked  
travel bread.
jumbals-msg        (8K) 10/12/03    Knotted twists of dough similar  
to pretzels.
Litle-Morsels-art (18K)  6/23/06    "Little morsels or biscotti from  
16th cent.
                                        Italy" by Lady Helewyse de  

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