[Sca-cooks] Activities for a hypothetical Known WorldCooks/Bards

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Mon Oct 22 14:35:00 PDT 2007

Certainly shopping should be part of such an event...it would be great if
you could attract peoplel who sell herbs (Auntie Arwen, EK Pepperers Guild,
etc.), pottery...particularly that aimed at period cooks..., other types of
period cooking equipment/utensils, and especially books (Hi, Devra!!).

Also, something like what Mistress Helewyse did a couple of years ago at
Pennsic where folks cooked using period equipment.

For the evenings, possibly round-table discussons where cooks share
experiences/ideas/solutions to vexing problems with cooking feasts/doing

And...wonder of wonders, if it's near where Pennsic is held, it might be
possible for me to attend...not to mention other cooks from Atlantia!


On 10/22/07, Nick Sasso <grizly at mindspring.com> wrote:
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> < < < < Hmm... bards appreciate being fed while circling and singing
> (well,
> while listening to another sing. Feeding while singing gets messy.) so
> perhaps a "Bring your best dish to feed the bards" type of thing?
> -Kean > > > > > > >
> Get my hands into and onto stuff.  Making, baking, using by-products like
> the cooking parts of the feast part of the learning experience for the
> event participants!
> I would love to have an opportunity to have a "roasting circle" wherein
> experienced spit roasting and live coals cooks have a roundtable and
> demonstration of the techniques that work.  Instead of a 'covered dish',
> making things around the fire while the bards do their bardy thing could
> be
> quite fetching.
> niccolo difrancesco
> (I still have tallow in the freezer from the class I taught 7 or 8 years
> ago!!)
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