[Sca-cooks] OOP Need some advice....

Jen Conrad luveday at comcast.net
Tue Oct 23 17:56:23 PDT 2007

A steam jacketed kettle as large as you can get, possibly more than one, 
if you can, will save your back when cooking pasta for a crowd.  These 
will heat faster than a pot of water on the stove, most do tilt either 
by pulling a handle toward you (be careful) or will have an automated 
system to tilt the product out.  The really big ones will have a drain 
at the bottom of the pot, which makes draing the pasta so much easier.

A steamer unit is also great to have as well!  (Just beware of taking 
out hot pans filled with boiling liquids, ask me how I know.)

A rack with washable bins for holding utensils is also good to have as 
well.  Much better than rummaging through drawers for utensils.

A floor mixer will be great if you plan on doing mashed potatoes for the 
masses.  Be sure to get all the mixing attachments.

Walk in refrigerators and freezers are nice as well :-)

Hope this helps,
Luveday, who recently transferred to a kitchen without all these 
wonderful toys :-(

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