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Tue Oct 23 19:24:26 PDT 2007

Replied below...

Jen Conrad wrote:
> A steam jacketed kettle as large as you can get, possibly more than one, 
> if you can, will save your back when cooking pasta for a crowd.  These 
> will heat faster than a pot of water on the stove, most do tilt either 
> by pulling a handle toward you (be careful) or will have an automated 
> system to tilt the product out.  The really big ones will have a drain 
> at the bottom of the pot, which makes draing the pasta so much easier.

That is what I was thinking of for soups and pastas...

> A steamer unit is also great to have as well!  (Just beware of taking 
> out hot pans filled with boiling liquids, ask me how I know.)

Ok I am curious... how many pounds of whatever I want to steam can these 
things handle at once?  I would love to be able to steam veggies... oh 
wait or are you talking a steam table which basically holds foods?

> A rack with washable bins for holding utensils is also good to have as 
> well.  Much better than rummaging through drawers for utensils.

Oh sorry Got those!!!!!  It was one of my first requests.... ;)  
Literally!!! I walked in and said "Oh we have a Hobart.... we need 
utensil racks!!!! Now I don't run and store them but I could... I don't 
because they get icky...

> A floor mixer will be great if you plan on doing mashed potatoes for the 
> masses.  Be sure to get all the mixing attachments.
Well I do potato pearls right now on the stove... but for 600 or so I am 
thinking a mixer would be best!!!!

> Walk in refrigerators and freezers are nice as well :-)

Oh yeah sorry that was 1st on my request list!!!! We are thinking a 
combo unit!  I am excited!!!

> Hope this helps,
> Luveday, who recently transferred to a kitchen without all these 
> wonderful toys :-(
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