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>Greetings Dame Olwen,
>I am quite behind the times!! When did you become a Laurel??
>VIVATS!!! And much congratulations!!!! I have always enjoyed reading
>about your food experiments and about all the wonderful things you've
>made.  Again, VIVATS!!! on your elevation!
>Now, about the Atlantian Coronation menu, everything sounds just
>wonderful!!!  I am intrigued by 'boiled fried eggs' .  Have you a
>Be well,

Well, you certainly are behind the times!  I was honored a Laurel 3 Pennsics 
ago, given on the Laurel Tourney Field and attended by 4 Kings only because 
I am odd I suppose.

In any case, here is the recipe and source of the egg recipe:

Baid Mutajjan
See al-Baghdadi’s Kitab al-Tabikh with an Introductory Note by Charles Perry 
as published in Medieval Arab Cookery. Published by Prospect Books 2006.

Boil eggs, shell and then fry in sesame oil, and sprinkle with fine brayed 
coriander, cinnamon and cumin. Take out of the frying pan and put in old 
murri, adding seasonings. If murri is not available, take the eggs out of 
the pan; put into it little water, salt and cinnamon, boil and pour over the 
Another version: Fry the eggs without first boiling them, then throw in the 
seasonings, and spray with murri.
The recipe had no quantities.we boiled a case of eggs and used equal parts 
coriander, cinnamon and cumin. I would estimate that one teaspoon of each 
would be more than enough for four dozen eggs. Brayed is translated in 
Perry’s notes as "pounded".

Charles Perry suggests using soy sauce instead of the cinnamon and salt 
boiled in water in his translation. This seems somewhat more appropriate 
since soy sauce includes rotted soy beans and murri contains rotted barley. 
Additionally, Charles Perry recreated murri in his kitchen and found that 
it’s chemical composition and taste are much like soy sauce.

At the Coronation Feast these seemed to be very well recieved and none came 
back.  I was asked for the recipe from some of the guests as well.  We 
boiled the eggs the night before and peeled them mid-day.  The cooking time 
for a case of eggs for the frying part came to probably half an hour as we 
only seemed to have two large skillets.  I did not do this part of the 
cooking so could ask for sure if anyone wanted to know for sure.

The feast as a whole was extremely well recieved and we were all rather 
overwhelmed with high praise through the evening and the next day.  We had 
fun and the King liked his hamburger too!

I am sure my apprentice will be posting pictures of the marzipan yurt and 
giving some detailed comments about the construction of it within the next 
few days.  Queen Rowan was absolutely delighted with it!  I would like to 
thank Mistress Kiri for forwarding a copy of the cookie recipe that Queen 
Rowan had requested.


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