[Sca-cooks] Feast Menu for Atlantian Coronation

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Mon Sep 3 12:56:44 PDT 2007

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> >>>Beverages to be provided
> >>>Water, Sekunjabin, Iced tea
> >>
> >>I think of iced tea as one of the more strikingly OOP things the SCA
> >>does. In your case, the use of tea fits the theme--but do we have any
> >>evidence that it was drunk iced as well as hot in asia in period?
> >>
> >>If I read the menu correctly, you are mixing period recipes with
> >>modern ethnic recipes--at least, I don't know of any period source
> >>for Ukrainian Cucumber Salad or some of the others. Do you do
> >>anything to keep your diners from concluding that, since they are
> >>being served in a medieval feast many of whose recipes are period,
> >>they must be period as well?
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> >>David/Cariadoc
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> >Good point about the tea but hot tea is unseasonable for now.
> >Somehow the caffene addicts don't complain and the others just go
> >for the water or sekunjabin.
> >
> >The cucumber salad is from Recipe from the book Imperial Mongolian
> >Cooking by Marc Cramer.
> >ISBN # 0-7818-0999-1  Hippocrene Books, Inc. along with the Garlic
> >Yogurt Sauce.
>I haven't read the book, but  looking at the list of recipes from its
>Amazon.com listing  I observe "Feta Cheese Blended with Spices and
>Paprika." So far as I can tell from the information there, these are
>recipes from areas that were in the Mongol Empire, not period recipes.
>Am I mistaken? Does the book claim that these are recipes from period 
>David Friedman

I do not own the book so can not answer your question about that.  What I 
can tell you is the guests loved it and it was a nice refreshment at the end 
part of the feast.  We garnished with mint leaves not parsley and we will 
probably serve the dish again in a future summer time feast.

We ended up not offering up any tea, iced or hot.  The only exception to 
that was for Her Majesty who had requested mint tea to have with her nun's 
breast cookies at the end of the meal.


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