[Sca-cooks] storing cheese in olive oil

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Mykael commented:

<<< Greetings to all from Mykael Halfdan (mka- Dennis Olson =  
pksarge), I reside
In Meridies, Shire of Thorngill, and am related (brother-in-law) to  
the Cook and share an interest in cooking and all things Medieval.  >>>

While I'm a bit behind in reading some of my digests, and hence this  
message, let me welcome you to this SCA-Cooks list!

<<< On making cheese: if you make your own yogurt using goat milk you  
will get a
really nice labna, the traditional (Balkan) way of storing it is to  
make it
into fist sized balls that fit into a glass jar and covering them  
with olive oil
-This does not work well with cheese made from cows milk it is not as  
and breaks up- >>>

Ah! Thank you. Several years ago I tried to store some cubes of  
cheese in olive oil with some herbs added. In not too long a period,  
the cheese and oozed into a blob on the bottom of the jar. I had  
thought of trying it again with a different cheese, simply figuring  
that I'd somehow chosen the wrong cheese. Most likely it was a cow's  
milk cheese. So I'll try to keep this in mind next time. Come to  
think of it, it is usually feta cheese and blue cheese? that I've  
usually seen sold in jars of oil. I thought blue cheese was from  
cow's milk. But maybe not all is.  Blue cheese and feta cheese are  
also what I see sold stuffed in olives in olive oil. I had thought  
that this was because you wanted a strong tasting cheese to go with  
the olives and oil, but I guess there may be other reasons as well.

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